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Rolfing Structural Integration with Hyrum Feriante

Hello and welcome to my site,

If you’re already familiar with Rolfing and just looking to find a practitioner or learn more about who I am, feel free to go to my About page for a short bio on me, feel free as well to contact me with any questions or, if you stumbled onto my site by other means, go to for a complete listing of Rolfers by city, state or area code. (I feel its more important that people get Rolfed than my being the Rolfer who does it, so please take the time to find someone you feel safe and comfortable with, even if you have to drive a little farther, it can make all the difference)

If you’re NEW TO ROLFING then let me give you a brief introduction. Rolfing structural integration was developed by Ida Rolf (hence the strange name) in the 1960′s. It is a holistic practice working to create ease in the whole body through manipulation of connective tissue called fascia which permeates every layer and system in your body down to the bone and out to the skin. How we do this looks similar to massage in that we use our hands as our primary tools but the similarity stops there. Our intentions and methods bring about results similar to a combination of chiropractic and physical therapy with lasting and far reaching effects.

Another thing particular to Rolfing is the 10-series. The 10-series goes through the body superficial to deep, head to toe in a systematic order designed to address dysfunctions in their effects and causes through the entire structure. It also, by its name, has a start and a definitive end, ten sessions, usually once a week (though intervals change depending on schedules and individual body’s needs) In some instances there may be need for an additional one to three post sessions (for fine tuning) and or movement/body awareness sessions but they are optional and again based on the clients individual needs or goals.

Rolfing also entails a great deal of “education”. Not in memorizing facts or reading books (although I can recommend some amazing books) but in learning about You and Your body/mind/spirit, becoming aware of who you really are in how you move, think, and feel in your body and how that affects your life on a daily basis. Many people have felt emotional releases as traumas or stresses trapped in the tissues of the body are freed to complete and express themselves, leaving the body with more resources to adapt to other issues, no longer having to hold such powerful emotions in check. Many do not. Often times you get, not what you expect or want, but what you are ready for. Rolfing can be a life changing experience (it saved mine) or it can “fix” old wounds and just let you feel better in your own skin. Either way you walk away better for the experience and with greater freedom to be and see who you really are.