About Me

I was born and raised in southern California around the Inland Empire area into a large family (six sisters and one brother). At 19 I served a two-year mission for the LDS church, in the Portland Oregon area. Soon after completing my mission I joined the United States Marine Corps on a four-year contract where I served as a Small Arms Repairman (or Armorer). After the end of my enlistment my back was making it painful to walk (or do anything really) and after some X-rays it was found that I had developed (or aggravated my previously undiagnosed) scoliosis. After physical therapy had no effect, the VA doctors recommended surgery to put in rods and fuse vertebra, but not wanting to cause permanent and irreversible damage I opted out and looked for an alternative treatment. This is when I came across Rolfing SI. and, long story short, my Rolfer James Bardot was able to straiten out my back and (within three sessions) take me completely out of pain. Along with that there were other changes that I’m still trying to find words for even as they further pronounce themselves, needless to say, it was life changing. I had decided I wanted to learn how to Rolf during my ten-series and soon after I finished, the California university system suffered major budget cuts making it hard to get classes and a lot of other things opened up for me in the way that all signs pointed to it being time to head to Colorado and become a Rolfer.

The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (or RISI) is an amazing place, with some of the best teachers and the most enjoyable educational environments I have ever experienced (and I have been in a lot of them) to the degree that I wish everyone could spend some time there, even if they were never going to be a Rolfer. It is a safe place that teaches what a good Rolfer and a good person should be through the example of its staff and faculty and it was a mixed bag of excitement and sadness when graduation time came.

My continuing educational goals and the direction in which I would like to “lean” and expand my work are in learning to work with the needs of veterans, the elderly and children by way of trauma recovery and freeing them from dependence on prescription drugs, whether for physical or emotional pain. Other modalities that I am currently exploring and learning from are Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Graduated from the 2 year program at Colorado School For Energy Studies (CSES) under Anna and John Chitty, May, 2015), Somatic Experiencing (body oriented psychotherapy for the treatment of trauma), Osteopathic Manipulation Techniques, and Source Point Therapy. I’ll probably find more things I want to understand as what I am learning now brings up more questions so this will be an evolving list. I only hope that I can gain and pass on the wisdom and knowledge that I learn(ed) and succeed in making lives easier and less painful for both my clients and the people who love them.



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