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Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, so do your homework and be sure to consult the appropriate (not always a doctor) healthcare professional before and when using any of the information below.


1)Exercise will take time (as bones have to change shape through replacing cells, and, the brain has to remap/retrain multiple movement patterns and combinations of patterns, like developing a new habit AND breaking the old, but will ultimately prove to be more effective than most other interventions when done regularly over time.

2) With both movement and modalities, you will know, generally, in around 3 sessions whether or not a method or modality will help, unless otherwise specified. Look at how fast others reported results, if every other person took three months before a noticeable shift don’t count on being the exception. But, again, when in doubt, three times and they’re out.

3) “The Rule of Three” above also works for deciding when to move on to something else when what used to work has stopped working like it used to. If you haven’t made progress for 3 or more sessions than that may be as far as they/it can take you -OR- it may be that something else needs to happen for their work to be effective, so “bench” them and look elsewhere until you feel a need to go back (could be a few appointments, could be a few decades, if it worked once it can work again in similar situations)

4) Finally, methods, modalities, etc…, they are all just tools, or keys. The right tool for the right job, or the right key for the right lock, can make or break how difficult or persistent any problem can be. The more educated and aware you are of all your options, the bigger your toolbox, and the less work, money, and time it will cost you to feel how you want to feel.

***Neuralcranial Restructuring – A method of manually adjusting the sphenoid bone in the skull by inflating a small balloon up the nose into the lower to mid sinus. This is the creator’s (Dr Howell’s) Home page. I currently do not have any AZ references for this method. 

GMB Fitness – body-weight exercises for function and strength restoration. Combined with Continuum Movement it can rebuild even some of the most broken bodies and mysterious physical and CNS issues. 

-Hip and Glute Exercises/Stretches:

  –The Bretzel 

  –The Bretzel 1.0 & 2.0  

  –Immediate SI/low-back relief stretch  

  –Natural Pelvic Reset (Yogic ball and loop)  

  –Pelvic, tailbone, and Low-Back Routine  

  –Glute Activation Exercises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three-Dimensional Treatment for Scoliosis: A Physiotherapeutic Method for Deformities of the Spine – it can act as a guide to stretching and biomechanics  as you explore ways to counter your twist and bend.

Magnesium – The vast majority are deficient. Blood tests are inaccurate as all but 1% of the body’s Mag. supply is in the bones. It takes 10g of magnesium to metabolize 1g of sugar, even more for alcohol sugars like those found in hard liquor. Magnesium outperforms many antidepressants and antianxiety medications by increasing blood flow to various areas of the brain and other tissues. Many issues of unexplained muscular tension, certain forms of headache, and many forms of insomnia are caused by or related to mag. deficiency. 

*-Continuum Movement – body and breath awareness through gentle movement exercises. A personal favorite and, like Rolfing, a modality that I can easily say has saved my life in many ways, if not literally. It is a practice of yielding to the body’s natural movement and healing processes, your God within. 

*-Upright Health – One of the best sources for cutting edge physical therapy exercises, posture, and recovery information.

*-Turmeric and Turmeric tea – An adaptogen in that your body has an almost endless use for the active chemicals. Primarily an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial/viral/microbial/fungal, hormone balancing, and a thermogenic.

Orthomolecular Nutrition – for the treatment of schizophrenia and other disorders. Another SITE. And the book by Abram Hoffer 

Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief by Jordan B. Peterson. A book (free in PDF on his website) about the myths that drive us, reflect the deeper traits of human nature, and allow us to divine our dominant nature and how to balance and utilize our nature for the benefit of ourselves and the world around us. Dr Peterson also has a website offering a program designed to help people define who they really are, free of expectations and cultural programming; and a YouTube channel offering free lectures on the same subject.

*- Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! What water is hurting you, what water is helping you, and how to make the good kind of water from the cheap stuff at the water store.

– Why Isn’t My Brain Working?  One of the best books on the subject of neurotransmitter manipulation and health, and their effects on overall health and performance.

*- Heal Yourself With Sunlight – Vitamin (hormone) D deficiency aside, proper sun exposure increases type II (fast twitch) muscle mass by around 20% with no exercise, increases HGH and testosterone production 250% when exercising in the sun, when more than 75% of skin is exposed (300-350% with genital exposure), and causes cellular and visceral detox and autophagy due to the sun’s infrared radiation spectrum of emission.  

*- The GAPS dietary protocols – How to heal, seal, and repopulate your intestinal flora, without which you can’t absorb vitamins, amino-acids, or fats, and you can’t make neurotransmitters, hormones, or accomplish a plethora of other of other physiological processes essential for surviving, thriving, and maintaining mental and emotional stability as we age. 


*- The Microorganisms in Our Body That Keep Us Alive – Naveen Jain 

– Aerobic exercise may be destroying your body, weightlifting can save it – Charles Poliquin 

*- Why You Shouldn’t Fear Fasting with Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore – FASTING! 

*- Dr. Jason Fung – ‘Therapeutic Fasting – Solving the Two-Compartment Problem’

– Owning Your Testosterone with John Romaniello 

Skin Health (liver and brain health, as well, as they all developed out of the same tissues and cannot function independently as far as overall health)

Podcast #103 – Dr. Susanne Bennett Uncovers Upgraded Skin Care – Bulletproof Radio

Podcast #128 – Andy Hnilo & Skin Care — Special Episode of Bulletproof Executive Radio

Creating A Healthy Gut For Beautiful Skin – Dr. Trevor Cates – #391 – This one is particularly important as chronic stress (like a dysfunctional marriage, divorce, and family issues)  wrecks the gut flora. Heal the get and you heal the skin, the brain, the heart, and a whole lot more.

Books on Movement, Body Awareness (can be done as an adjunct or in place of your yoga/exercise practice):

*- Pressing Reset (movement reeducation)

*- The New Rules of Posture (movement reeducation, body awareness)

Foundation Training (movement reeducation)

*- TRE  – Trauma Release Exercises (Movement and body awareness, it can be intense in it results but very rewarding)

      -Videos: Introduction to TRE® Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises – Shake it Off Slideshow Presentation

       – TREpsoas trauma release

*- Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

*-High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – Because jogging kills people by damaging the heart and lungs. Plus, you can get most exercise benefits from one hour of this (20min 3X a week, every other day) a week, and none of the drawbacks of running (like knee pain, or hating life)

Somatic Psychology

– Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (attachment disorders, PTSD/ trauma, and nervous system re-regulation)

– Focusing by Eugene Gendlin – A form of body oriented meditation that can reduce or eliminate pain and other unpleasant sensations and or dysfunction through acknowledgement and acceptance.  

        – Introduction Video   

*- The Radical Acceptance of Everything – Based on Focusing. body awareness and developing a strangely conscious connection to the body’s innate intelligence. It can turn even vicious pain into a warm fuzzy sensation.

*- In An Unspoken Voice (somatic psychology, Somatic Experiencing)

– Polyvagal Theory (somato-emotional trauma psychology. 

*-> The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton – He has a lot of good YouTube Lectures

Alternative Therapies (some of these sites can seem a bit jankie but they work for the purpose of general overview) 

MAPS – for issues of PTSD, trauma, emotional attachment disorders, and psychological health and development

*- Cyrex allergy testing – Depending on what ancestral nationality’s metabolic type you inherited (and each kid can have a different outcome) some foods that are generally considered healthy can actually be highly inflammatory and damaging, and an underlying cause of chronic disease and weight issues. It can be expensive but it can also change your life.  

              -The cheaper alternative: ALCAT Testing

*- Cold lasers : Can break up fascia and scar tissue, as well as stimulate the immune system and cellular activity for faster healing.

*- Osteopathic Manipulation: Nerve, visceral, urogenital; all can affect distant and seemingly unrelated anatomy. Doctors of osteopathy (DO) also have the rights and training (and then some) of full-fledged MD’s so they can provide more integrative and holistic care for their patients. 

*- Somatic Experiencing (SE) – A body oriented form of psychotherapy used in the treatment of PTSD and the physical symptoms (psychosomatic effects) of physical and emotional trauma.

– Heartmath – a technique/program used to dramatically reduce stress.

*- Ozone Therapy (video: ) O3 used to treat inflammation and for tissue repair in areas with low blood flow, which normally do not heal at a normal rate if at all.

Advanced Muscular Integration Technique (AMIT) – When we get injured (acute or chronic) muscles tend to shut down to protect us from pain or further injury. They can often forget to turn back on and our body adapts by using muscles that aren’t meant for the job, this can lead to more pain and weakness down the road. AMIT turns those muscles back on. 

– Hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy – I couldn’t find a good info site so, in brief, it can help with nerve and tissue repair that may never occur under natural conditions. You’ll feel whether it will be effective.

*- DMSO – breaks down connective tissue and scar tissue so that it can reform in healthier patterns. Like cold lasers but it burns more.

Information Sites

*-Dr Andrew Weil

*-Dr Mark Hyman

*-Dr Daniel Amen

*-Dr David Perlmutter

Female Health (men can actually benefit as well)

-The product:  Polar Jade 

-Some videos: 

Intro video to vaginal weightlifting

Pelvic Floor Strength & Vaginal Weightlifting Techniques – The Jade Egg

Practising With A Jade Egg: Getting Started, Egg-cersises and Questions Answered!

Here is one with the exercises done from the standing. 10 Steps to Vaginal Weightlifting with the Jade Egg

Key search words are: Yoni massage, jade egg, vaginal weightlifting, pelvic floor exercises; YouTube has hours of videos with answers to most any question you may have. 

As the videos describe, vaginal weight lifting can help with all kinds of health problems, most notably female incontinence, and other postnatal issues. These weights also help with psoas, pelvic floor, sciatic, and low-back pain/dysfunction, as well as sexual dysfunction, by strengthening and stabilizing the entire urogenital region, which can affect your entire structure. 


The law of averages is the flaw of averages, in that while an average can give a general idea of where to look, no individual will ever be average across the board/as a whole, so we all have to write our own “owners manual” for our individual body/mind/soul, otherwise life will always be an uphill battle that only gets worse with age. Have fun with it and share this stuff with your friends.