What to expect…Rolfing

What to expect at the first and fallowing appointments:

Drink plenty of good water, eat light, and keep your workout light to moderate in the week leading up to and after each session.

If you are sick, or have been sick recently, please be polite and considerate and cancel your appointment as soon as possible. Just because you feel better does not mean you are better or no longer contagious. Even if it’s just a little cold.

The average appointment will be around 90 minutes, with the first appointment tends to run longer while we talk about you history and needs/goals for your Rolfing sessions.

Every session will begin with a standing postural assessment (when physically possible).

Wear underwear. Rolfing generally takes place in the (bra and) underwear. More clothing can be worn but must be loose and or stretchy enough to work through and around. If leggings or pants are worn, they must be loose or stretchy enough that they can be rolled or “scrunched up” to the level of mid thigh (without cutting off blood flow).

Your comfort is important so communication is key. If you are cold and I do not notice, feel free to ask for a blanket or for me to turn on/up the heater. If a position, a place or way I am touching you makes you uncomfortable (for any reason), please tell me as soon as possible so we can try another, more safe and effective, approach. There is always another way.

After a session, Drink water and drive slow. Take an Epson bath. Spend more time stretching and meditating, and other easy exercises. This will help you to get to know your “new” body and to solidify those changes into a new way of being.

Talk to your friends and family about your process, throughout your sessions, and get their feedback on any changes you may begin to exhibit. It helps to make those changes more real and can help remove doubts. Or not, it can be a very deep shift and, again, your comfort with this process is key to removing resistance to both physical and emotional change.

Keep a journal during and about your sessions.

Please leave any questions below in the comments and I will add what answers I can to the page above.

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